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Their love affair is swift; after two dates, Durst invites Kathie to move to Vermont, where he owns and operates a health-food store. 1973At the insistence of his father, Durst moves back to New York to rejoin the family business. Kathie tells friends and family that Durst has become controlling and abusive, and claims he forced her to have an abortion.He takes Kathie with him, and the couple are married later that year. She considers divorce, but is hamstrung by an "unfair" prenup.The LAPD considers Durst a possible subject, but focuses on her manager, Nyle Brenner.April 2001 To escape media attention, Durst moves to Galveston, Texas, where he poses as a mute woman named Dorothy Ciner.

August 2000 Susan Berman, short on cash and living in Los Angeles, writes Durst a letter asking for money.Durrst tells police he dropped her off at the Metro-North station in Katonah, then spoke to her over the phone when she arrived at her Manhattan apartment.His story appears to be backed up by testimony from a doorman, who says he saw Kathie enter the apartment building, as well as from the associate dean of her medical school, who says a person identifying herself as Kathie called in sick the next day.October 9, 2001Police finally arrest Durst, who had been staying at a hotel under the name of "Jim Truss," another high-school classmate.A search of his car reveals the bow saw that was used to dismember Black, as well as a gun.

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