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The experts have given us five golden rules to help you make the most of life's twists and turns.Mary Smith and her husband Charles had been searching for a countryside home for more than a year, but every house they saw was either unsuitable or unaffordable.But by pouring all of your effort into one approach, you could miss out on an unexpected, yet more direct, path to success.Wiseman conducted an experiment in which he gave subjects a newspaper and asked them to count how many photographs were inside.There were 43 and most subjects found them within a few minutes.However, they could have completed the task within seconds had they read the large type on the second page of the paper.But they agreed to investigate an unlikely prospect. People who spot and seize opportunity are more open to life's forking paths, so they see possibilities that others miss.

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Exploring new territory naturally increases good fortune. Anxiety gives us tunnel vision; while we are focusing on a potential danger we miss extraneous, but potentially beneficial, information. You may be good at diligently getting on with the task at hand.It said: 'Stop counting - there are 43 photographs in this newspaper.' There was also a half-page message that said: 'Stop counting, tell the adjudicator you have seen this and win a cash prize.' The subjects didn't notice either message. Catching lucky breaks is harder as we get older - not because our opportunities change, but because we do.But when Wiseman asked them to look through the newspaper a second time for anything unusual, they saw them immediately. 'People in their teens and 20s tend to be open because they're discovering who they are as a person,' says psychologist Todd Kashdan, author of the book Curious?Wiseman conducted an experiment in which he placed the same chance opportunities - money on the ground and a potential encounter with a connected businessman - in the paths of two different people, one who claimed she was an unlucky person, the other who said things always seemed to work out well.The 'lucky' guy noticed the money on the ground and pocketed it, then struck up a conversation with the businessman in the cafe where he'd been planted.

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