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The usual construction is 6 layers with the top layer being a Graphic Overlay that forms the user-equipment interface.

A membrane switch or keypad is one type of interface utility.

The army began full-time role-playing simulations with soldiers using computers both within full scale training exercises and for training in numerous specific tasks under wartime conditions.

Flight simulators used computers to solve the equations of flight and train future pilots.

Role playing may also refer to the technique commonly used by researchers studying interpersonal behavior by assigning research participants to particular roles and instructing the participants to act as if a specific set of conditions were true.

This technique of assigning and taking roles in psychological research has a long history.

Viola Spolin, who was one of the founders the famous comedy troupe Second City, insisted that her exercises were games, and that they involved role-playing as early as 1946.

She accurately judged role-playing in the theatre as rehearsal and actor training, or the playing of the role of actor versus theatre roles, but many now use her games for fun in their own right.

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