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Morrison Healthcare is a leading national food and nutrition services company exclusively dedicated to serving more than 600 hospitals and healthcare systems.

And yet, when I prepared to write this and realized I would have to get an expert's opinion on whether my behavior was kosher, I was nervous. For an official judgment call, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy directed me to Catherine Hastings, Ph.

D., a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Lancaster, PA.

In addition to implying that I'd been a good kisser, he shared memories of our sitting on farmhouse rooftops, drinking wine and "talking about art and life." I can only cringe at what I thought I knew about "art and life" back then.

But when he reminded me of our onetime romance, I had a visceral memory of knowing that when he and I snuck away from the group, we would end up kissing against the rough wood walls of the barn.

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Dave White, Men’s Ministry Coordinator and Ellen Dykas, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, will lead this training seminar.Remember that time we were having sex," my lunch date said, "and we fell off the bed?"I did not remember it, but I wanted him to keep talking like this, so I said, "Uh, I think so.""We broke that hurricane glass? "And I thought we should stop and clean it up, but you were like, 'Do you want to?I was an enthusiastic dater, so there are plenty of exes ripe for Facebook-friending and casual coffee-dating.I recently heard from a guy whom I spent a teenage summer clandestinely making out with.

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