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When the educator asked the students why they were being pulled out, they told her they were instructed not to tell.

She was accused of not using technology in her class, even though each student had a laptop.

And when the target is an educator, it is a great “injustice” because the bully deprives students of a caring adult who is crucial to their education.

Currently there is no law in any state against workplace bullying, unless it involves harassment based on race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age or disability.

All of it was his, not that he cared about money or material goods anymore.

He himself wore a handmade robe worth more than most of his employees made in a month, and he was a generous employer.

The first thing you should do, in fact, is contact your union representative.Then, document, document, document – save emails, letters, memos, notes from conversations, or anything that shows the mistreatment.She also recommends confronting the bully with a supportive ally, like a union rep – and to describe the offensive behavior you’re experiencing, and the change in behavior you’d like to see. Matt Spencer of the Workplace Bullying in Schools Project, “the bully steals the dignity, self-esteem, confidence, joy, happiness, and quality of life of the targeted victim”.It’s the only defense against unfair and even punitive measures that are sometimes solely prompted by personality conflicts.” Denise Mirandola is a union representative for the Pennsylvania State Education Association who holds trainings for members called “Bullying in the Workplace.” NEA Provides Educators with Guidance on Preventing Workplace Bullying In 2013, NEA approved a resolution to “Defend the Rights and Dignity of Educators,” which calls for the association to inform its members on ways to challenge administrator abuse of teachers and education support professsionals.“I presented it at an Education Support Professionals meeting and was surprised to see so many heads nodding,” she says.

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