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But when suspect She just wanted to shake up her love life.

Jacklyn (Jack) Wyatt is the typical twenty-five-year-old living the typical Provo single life with the typical bad luck—at least until the FBI recruits her for a completely different type of dating.

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Now Jack will have to play the field, dating each of the men in an attempt to weed out the kidnapper.

I'd gladly read a dozen more books with her in them, if only to enjoy her unique blend of kindness and realism.

She's sometimes called naïve, but she sees clearly enough and tells it straight with enough wit to make it enjoyable.

Indeed, I suspect that Jack's keen insight and observation will fall pretty flat to someone not immersed in the culture and tradition of LDS faith leaving outsiders wondering how she drew her conclusions.

Really, I'd recommend non-Mormons give this one a pass.

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