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When you get to the third room, walk down the stairs and directly in front of you will be a console with the datapoint. In the Devil's Thirst area, there are several ruined buildings.

Shortly after entering Eleuthia, you will walk by several rooms on your left. This datapoint is located in the second region of the map.

(various groans, muttered curses) ACOSTA: A live one. GULIYEV: We've got no mobility in here, it'll punch right through us! Head inside the very first room, and this datapoint will be on one of the dead bodies. Specifically 115-C, "any holographic simulation not directly related to operational training or efficiency." Consider yourself reminded... The zipline ends next to some beds and it's here that you'll find the datapoint. The swarm came in from the Pacific, and-I don't know if it was the local minutemen or the Crazy 15th, but they'd set the garbage patch alight. For three weeks we kept getting scrambled out to some coastal burg to train Minutemen. It's located on the third floor, in a room off the side of one of the hallways. School's still in session, so I get to keep my eye on Andras and Reggie. It's located on the third floor, in a room off the side of one of the hallways. This datapoint is found inside Eleuthia-9 (All-Mother Mountain). This is found in the same ruins that you fall into as a kid. And you don't say anything about the news I pass on! Fiona Murell, 9th MRB TO: MRB-CMD STATUS: Rejected MURELL: Status report, 9th Mechanised Response Brigade, commanding officer Lt. Unit morale continues to be adversely impacted by outbound engagements against the Faro Plague, especially when said engagements occur in sectors where civilian guard enlistees have been heavily engaged. nature of fatalities suffered by civilian guard and unarmed civilian in these sectors... After entering Eleuthia, follow the main path until you walk past the third room on your left. This datapoint is found inside Eleuthia-9 (All-Mother Mountain). GENERAL HERRES: Over the past sixteen months, Doctor, I have presided over the greatest wholesale slaughter of military personnel and civilians in the history of... Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Sorabella - add 'em together, they don't even come close. So instead of letting what I've done sink into the murk, forgotten... I would've fought to the end, but it was his will - the will of the Sun - that I lead the prince and queen into the west; to safety. There, to join others and gather the strength to take back our home. One day, I took him to the palace balcony to behold an offering of sacrifice in the Ring. This datapoint is automatically obtained during the Maker's End mission. Your body, stretched beside mine, seemed chiseled from stone. "Ever the strong are beset upon by the weak." So he said as the traitors launched their assault, as their cannons, forged by Oseram filth, toppled the battlements and burst the gates. Killing all that stood in the way, I carved a path to Sunfall. It's sitting in a tent, along with several other datapoints. I have tried to instruct him, but the shadow of his mother's influence is upon him. This datapoint is found in the ruins you fall in as a kid. This datapoint is found during your hunt for Olin in the main campaign. This datapoint is found during the Maker's End quest and cannot be missed.

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