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"With your big tits and everything." "Our boyfriends like them," Kathy said.

"You're a fuckin' sexy woman." "Not as sexy as you two." Andy looked from Bobby to Kathy and back.

"Then, we made them put on a live sex show for us." "Sucking and fucking and everything? "Oh yeah." Andy looked from Bobby's and Kathy's bare breasts and hard nipples to their damp thongs and back.

Bobby kneaded Andy's breast while rubbing her own pussy through her thong. " "Kathy and I made a video of us having sex and left it for the boys." Bobby said. Bobby had green eyes and collar-length blond hair, while Kathy's eyes were blue and her brown hair brushed her shoulders. Keep going." Andy stiffened her tongue and drove it into Kathy's pussy like a cock.

Bobby reached into the box and picked up a hot pink vibrator. " "This." Andy took a dildo and harness out of the box and handed it to Bobby. Two smaller dildos were attached to the thinner strap.

" Bobby slid her middle finger between Andy's pussy lips. Bobby and Andy kissed open-mouthed while rubbing tits and fingering each other's pussies. "I've got a few." She opened the box, revealing a dazzling multicolored array of vibrators and dildos. 'Cheeky Anal Vibe.' Says so on the website." "What do you want to do?

It's easier to walk or take the bus." Andy lived in a big two story house a few blocks off Westheimer. "Here it is." Andy unlocked the first door at the top of the stairs. Andy walked over to the kitchen area and returned carrying a bottle and three glasses. "If you've got hot studs back home, what are you doing in a dyke bar? "Checking it out." "Seeing how the other half lives? "You two are so sexy." Andy put her hands between Bobby's and Kathy's legs. "And I'm gonna start with you." Kathy lay on her back. "You are so fucking sexy." She bent forward and started kissing and licking Kathy's big firm breasts. "That's right." She stroked Andy's short hair and smooth back as Andy licked and sucked her tight nipples. Kathy played with her breasts and hard nipples while Andy licked and sucked her pussy lips. " Andy put a finger on either side of Kathy's slit, pulled her open, and ran her tongue along her inner lips, gradually going deeper. " The probe's widest part slipped past her pussy lips and slid home. " "Good." Andy fastened the thin strap to the back of the harness and tightened the buckle. " Andy caught Bobby's and Kathy's hands and put them on her breasts. The nipple pressing against Bobby's palm was pebble-hard. "I've never seen two guys doing it." "Then we had an orgy." Kathy added. Doing everything with each other." Trav liked teasing Bobby's ass with a fingertip while fucking her doggy-style. "Almost everything." "I'm a dyke who likes boys," Andy said. Andy was looking at their tall athletic bodies with wide eyes. " Andy put her hands over Bobby's and Kathy's hands, pressing them against her little tits. They stared at her tiny tits and the neat little lips protruding from her shaved pussy. "We've got a party right here." She and Kathy took off their blouses and bras.

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