Linux shell programing validating date

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Pavan you mentioned that you don’t have knowledge in banking and finance domain then how you expect from yourself to give answer on that?

If you don’t have experience in banking and finance domain then do not put this as a skill in your resume just for the sake of matching your profile with employer requirements.

”As a team leader you are responsible for project planning, scheduling, communicating your project status to your manager and most important task of assigning and monitoring the project work.

Your main responsibility is to build a team to achieve your project goals.

”In every testing interview you will get this question: “Tell me any challenging situation you faced in your previous projects or Tell me any bug that you feel proud to find it?

The broad challenges in manual testing are: How to ensure complete test coverage?

Testing without an automation tool is itself a big challenge.

I will suggest to pick any such situation from your career and explain it in better way.

At least it should sound challenging ;-) This will help you to face further questions from interviewer depending on your answer.

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