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“It was lot of fun, a really good night,” one of the novice attendees said.

“The games were a really fun way to start each date.

Canberra students are being given six minutes to pitch their skills to local start-up firms in an initiative to keep talent from leaving the Territory.

More than 40 jobseekers will be taking part in a series of speed-dating-style meetings with prospective employers offering casual and part-time jobs and internships relating to their studies.

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They weren’t just immature boys obsessed with gaming.Call of Duty was my favourite station because of the teamwork required, which I definitely preferred to playing in versus mode,” noted another guest.While most of the attendees were interested in at least some aspects of nerd culture, many didn’t identify as particularly hardcore gamers.Unlike normal speed dating where the men stay seated and the women progress, everyone would be swapping stations each round so that they would get to play each different game with a different partner.Every date would begin with six minutes of gaming followed by six minutes of talking.

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